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OSHA Compliant Safety Rail
Our durable railing systems are fully compliant with OSHA Fall Protection requirements to help you avoid the risk of
                        penalties from OSHA, or injured workers resulting from improper fall protection.

Features Include:

  • Metal Construction with all rounded corners to prevent snagging of clothing or job materials.

  • Built-in metal toe kicks to prevent materials from falling to the lower levels.

  • Free-standing, and sturdy to allow workers of all trades to move about the site freely

Contact us today and find out how 1st Infiniti SAFETY RAIL SYSTEMS can help your worksite become a safer place with minimal investment.

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OSHA Compliant Railing

Our subfloor screw down is designed to minimize pops and squeaks. 

Ready to start your application process?  Click here for all of the forms we will need to begin the process.

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