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1st Infiniti Enterprises, Inc

     From its humble beginnings in 1994, Andy Loyd and Chief Barnett created 1st Infiniti Enterprises, Inc. as a residential construction service company in Houston, Texas. Their mission was to focus on production homebuilder’s construction needs and to put a program in place to fulfill that need.

     One of the first programs assembled was their subfloor screwdown program.  The pair recognized a constant issue that production homebuilders were having

with aggravated homeowners concerning subfloor squeaks in their new homes.

Research was initiated to locate the reason as to why so many homebuilders were having issues, though they were pro-active in enhancing the plywood during construction. After a year of research in the field and accumulating notes communicating with the homebuilder’s warranty managers, 1st Infiniti secured a tool and screw fastening distributorship. They initiated a turnkey service program to enhance a homebuilder’s subfloor decking economically and to warrant that service for a period of a year. Today, that division is still growing as it continues to help eliminate subfloor squeak issues.

     In the late-90’s, 1st Infiniti recognized a need to put an OSHA compliant safety rail program together after a production homebuilder had a client fall off of the second floor of a home under construction. Consequently, research was into action and a metal, free standing, safety rail was produced.  After only two years of its inception, customer demand generated a need to produce a second-generation safety rail system that was more versatile, lighter, and even stronger.



  A two-day lead-time is requested, but most installs are within a 24-hour time period. Upon notice of the stairs and second or third landing being installed, 1st Infiniti’s technicians bolt the freestanding rail systems into place to assist in making the jobsite safer. The wiring, insulation, sheetrock, tape and float process are all installed with the safety rail system in place. Another call schedules the safety rail system pickup at the trim stage. The rail is removed, returned to 1st Infiniti’s facility, power washed, inspected and scheduled to be reinstalled to make another jobsite OSHA compliant, concerning stair fall protection.

   Today, 1st Infiniti Enterprises, Inc. services over 700 homebuilders in the Houston area alone. President Andy Loyd, commented that they are very grateful for their clients and especially to the Greater Houston Builder’s Association for their success. “I am very aware of the work that goes on behind the scenes that GHBA performs to strengthen and protect our homebuilding industry”.  He went on to say that, ”If we don’t have any homebuilders building, we don’t have any business, so GHBA is vital to 1st Infiniti Enterprises, Inc.   

Contact us today and find out how 1st Infiniti can help your worksite become a safer place with minimal investment.

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Our OSHA Compliant Safety

Rail Systems are a quick, easy, and cost effective way to assist residential OSHA requirements on your job sites.

Our subfloor screw down is designed to minimize pops and squeaks. 

We have an exciting new division coming soon!  We cannot wait to share all of the upcoming details

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